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Public Deliverables

Deliverable no.  Deliverable name Deliverable report WP Number Delivery date
D7.1 Public Mailing Lists Done WP7 January 2018
D5.1 Report on Early Requirements Analysis Results Done WP5 March 2018
D6.1 Press Release Announcing Start of TeamPlay Done WP6 March 2018
D6.2 Initial Public Project Website / Presentation Done WP6 March 2018
D4.1 First Report on Architecture-Level Energy Usage, Timing Done WP4 September 2018
D7.5 Achievements in the technical work packages M9 Done WP7 September 2018
D1.1 Report on Code-Level Contracts for Energy, Time and Security Done WP1 December 2018
D2.1 Report on Energy-, Time- and Security- aware Coordination of a Single (Parallel) Done WP2 December 2018
D3.1 Report on the TeamPlay Basic Compiler Infrastructure Done WP3 December 2018
D4.2 Report on Early Prototype of EnergyAnalyser Done WP4 December 2018
D5.2 Report on Project Requirements and Evaluation Metrics Done WP5 December 2018
D1.2 Report on Initial Implementation of Proof Library,
including Initial CSL Implementation
Pending WP1 June 2019
D3.2 First Report on Multi- Criterial Compiler Optimisations Pending WP3 June 2019
D4.3 Report on Energy, Timing and Security Modelling of Complex Architectures Pending WP4 June 2019
D5.3 Report on Test Bed 0emonstrators and Test Procedures Pending WP5 June 2019
D2.2 Report on Energy-, Time- and Security- aware Coordination of Multiple (Parallel) Applications Pending WP2 December 2019
D3.3 Report on the Feasibility of Optimisation Approaches Pending WP3 December 2019
D4.4 Final Rept. on Architecture-Level Energy Usage, Timing & Security Modelling and on Prototype Pending WP4 December 2019
D3.4 Second Report on Multi-Criterial
Compiler Optimisations
Pending WP3 June 2020
D4.5 Report on Energy Usage Analysis and on Prototype Pending WP4 June 2020
D1.3 Report on Formalisation of Energy, Time and Security Properties, including Final CSL Impl. Pending WP1 October 2020
D2.3 Report on Environment-Adaptive Energy-, Time-
and Security-aware Coordination
Pending WP2 October 2020
D5.4 Report on Assessment of Project Outcomes Pending WP5 December 2020
D5.5 Report on Energy- Efficient Software Engineering Methodology and Roadmap Pending WP5 December 2020
D6.6 Final Public Project Website / Presentation Pending WP6 December 2020
D6.8 Final Press Release 0escribing the TeamPlay Results Pending WP6 December 2020