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AbsInt produced a short video to present EnergyAnalyser.

Please find the available presentations on the workshop website

Secure-IC is hosting a Security Jam Session on 3rd. of July 2020

Zbigniew Chamski from University of Bristol gave a talk at the LLVM workshop for Compiler and Tools at ISC2020.

Emad Ebeid from SDU gave a presentation at CPSwarm’s final workshop

Kerstin Eder from University of Bristol attended a UK EPSRC / UKCRC strategic workshop on the future vision for UK computing research on 2nd Sept 2019, at Newcastle University.

Introduction to TeamPlay project in PDF brochure

Sylvain Guilley from Secure-IC gave a talk on Week of Open Source Hardware in Zurich

Kyriakos Georgiou from University of Bristol was invited by the Software Reliability Group to give a talk at the Imperial College, London.

Many students showed interest in collaborating with Sky-Watch on the TeamPlay drone 

Great attendance, when TeamPlay hosted a tutorial on 22 January at HiPEAC 2019 in Valencia.

Kerstin Eder from University of Bristol gave a talk on "Whole Systems Energy Transparency: More power to software developers!" at Manycore Summer School 2018.


Project Lead Olivier Zendra, Inria, presented TeamPlay poster at HiPEAC, 25 January 2018.